Configuring e-mail account

I configured 3 accounts without any problem (,, The fourth,, does not work (no connection possible). Configured it exactly like in thunderbird, there it works. Tried other apps (K9 and maildroid), still didn’t work.

J’ai configuré 3 comptes mail (,, sans aucun problème. Le quatrième ( ne marche pas (connexion pas possible). J’ai pris exactement les mêmes données comme dans thunderbird, ou ca marche. J’ai essayé des applications alternatives (K9 & maildroid), résultat aussi négatif.

I’ve found a guide that may be useful to help set this up. It uses the automatic setup process rather than manually entering settings. Have you tried doing it this way in case the server/port details are different?

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this would be the normal way, but it doesn’t work. The first thing a smartphone or computer-software like thunderbird does while configuring a new mail-account is to contact a data base where the ports and servers are listed, but the data base here in Germany obviously doesn’t know “”.

I spend a lot of time in France, my provider there is “free”, therefore i have a french ( adress. Many things with “free” are a little bit funny. For example: I can only CREATE a mail-adress from a french ip. I tried the configuration via wlan from a german ip. Perhaps it works only in France. I’ll try it the next time i’ll be there (around christmas).

I will post my experience.

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My own reply gave me the right idea! I tried it again via the SIM-card, it worked perfectly!

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Excellent, glad you got it sorted :smile: