Configuration MMS sur le réseau Orange en France

Hi all, im not receiveing my MMS on my Fairphone. Can you give me the good configuration ? Thanks a lot, Jean

Have you checked this and this topic?

I did check this but i just want to be sure not to change my other configuration as only the MMS is not functionning! Everything else functions…

Just in case: also note that there are many providers who will only deliver MMS when connected to their data network. This means no MMS is received when connected to wifi or the data network of the other SIM.

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Thanks Johannes. I just have one Sim and im not connected to the wifi. Furthermore, I did not have this problem with my former operator!

The problem seems to be with the “Orange MMS” configuration and i cant find the good one!

You’ll have to check with Orange, if the settings that other reported as working (see Paul’s post) no longer work something may have changed. A quick search suggests that they prefer sending the settings automatically (request via

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