Complete own dictionary deleted - no words can be saved anymore

Hi there,

I am writing to report a rather irritating problem: I am using FP1 running Koala Nut 1.8.7
From one moment

  • my phone does not know any words I saved in the dictionary anymore. Words I saved are now underlined red. Words I once saved are not suggested.
  • Standard dictionary works fine
  • new words can’t be saved anymore: If I type in a “new” word, there will be the button to save it. After pressing it, the “save new word” dialogue appears making it possible to change it before saving. After pressing “ok” nothing happens. The “new” word stys underlined red, it will not be suggested by the keyboard.


  • standard google keyboard
  • Koala Nut 1.8.7
  • the last thing I remeber doing before that (specifically concerning the keyboard/dictionary) was typing a message in english. I sometimes switch between english and german keyboard, until today nothing happened. I also can not be 100% sure that the loss of dictionary happened exactly after switching to english keyboard since I just realised it hours later.
  • restarting the phone did not help

Has anyone experienced something similar? I could not find any entry in the forum, but maybe I am not the only one…
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Haven’t heard of something like this before… I have usually lost my personal dictionary only when I did a #dic:hardreset .

What you can try: Go to Settings > Storage > Cache and confirm the dialogue. Sometimes the cache gets messed up and has to be cleared.

Well, sometimes I do not understand this phone. I cleared the cache this morning. Nothing happened. No I was typing again this evening - voila there was my dictionary again. I have no clue, why the saved words were missing and why or when they came back. Everything is as before, so I see this as solved topic and hope that it will not happen again.
Thank you for your effort anyway! Good night!

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