Hey Fairphone team,

unfortunately I am writing you TO COMPLAIN.

I bought my Fairphone 2 in January 2018. 8 months later I could not call anyone anymore because I could not get a connection. The store I bought the phone sent it to repair.

MORE THEN 3 MONTHS LATER I got a new Fairphone (obviously mine was not working anymore).

In March this year (after 3 months having a completely new phone!) my camera was not working and people I called could not understand me. I had to sent the Fairphone back again…

Now, 4 MONTHS LATER (???) I am still waiting for the replacement and I am really so angry right now!

I think the idea of a fair telephone is great, but my experience has been really horrible! How fair and stainable is a phone that has to be replaced every few months?!

I had the phone only 1 1/2 years and MORE THAN 7 MONTHS of that time period the phone had to be repaired or replaced!

Since it does not look like I can get my money back (what I would prefer, trust me!), PLEASE BE SO KIND AND JUST SENT ME THE ******* PHONE BACK!!

Greetings, Luca

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Hi Luca,

I understand you anger but this is a community forum. Fairphone employees do not regularly read the posts here and none of us community people can get you your phone back.

You can contact the supported team here:

Note: Further down the page, there are support telephone numbers. I would recommend to call one of these straight away. If possible have your purchase receipt and/or serial number ready, I guess that could help.

Good luck!


Hey @LucaLil :slight_smile:

I understand your anger, but this is a Community Forum. While Fairphone employees sometimes hang around here, it’s not the place to reach out to them / get customer service.
For that, please go to the Fairphone Support Page. You can also call the support team, which should speed things up. But please be polite, they’re also just humans.


@ben You were one minute faster D:

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If the shop where you purchased the device is handling the return, they should probably be the ones chasing it, as they will have the appropriate case numbers etc. Most repairs I’ve heard about have been a lot faster than this, so I’m wondering whether the issue is Fairphone, your retailer or a combination of both. I hope Fairphone Support will be able to figure out what’s going on, but if this is a return via a shop, make sure to check with them too if you haven’t yet. I’ve personally had a case where after waiting for two months, they found that my device had been ready for collection for >5 weeks already, but nobody had registered its arrival in their system!


I feel for you as well. Support in your case seems to be total crap, but you need not be lost.

EDIT: First follow the advice of @Johannes; I forgot, that you got the phone from a shop.


I really would not rule that out.
Your phone is less than 2 years old, therefore still inside the warranty:

Just read the two points for duration of warranty and extent of coverage:

Then contact them, as @ben suggested and claim that you want a refund.
They should agree to that.

Hi LucaLil,

Unfortunatelly I have almost the same experience. Was really excited that the fairphone was available within our companystore, but it is a total dissapointed. The only thing worse than the working of the phone is the support.

I have to admit they do respond to e-mail! Not with a thorough analysis though but to ship me off with factory resets and updates. I can’t even send it back because I have no receipt only a contract with my employer.

My employer is done with the company and the product so is offering a way out…by buying an other brand. Ofcourse this goes against my ambition to focus on sustainability and ethical products. So I would love to hear if they solved your issues and if other buyers have less problems with the product or (fairphone 2) or support.

Welcome to the community forum.

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