Compatible FP3 Screen protectors designed for any common brand/model?

Hi there,
I wonder if it is possible to use screen protectors which were made for other (common) brands and models. I don’t need a perfect fit, i can live with a “close enough” shape.
So, does anyone know about other phones which have a similar size of the display? Plus something just at the right place, so that a screen protector would have a hole at the right places for FP3 camera and microphone?
I don’t care if the shape of the hole(s) don’t fit exactly or if there maybe are other holes which I wont need… it just has to be close enough.

Maybe some of you wonder why I just don’t buy a screen protector designed for FP3. The answer is simple:
The only way to get a FP3 screen protector is to order online somewhere. But I hate online ordering, I prefer to go to stores. Only on rare circumstances I would order something online.Normally, if something is available only by ordering online I just don’t buy it.
So if I would only know what to look for I`d grab a fitting protector in one of the stores in my city.
Maybe there are even some formerly common but now outdated models with a similar display size … this would increase the chance to find a screen protector on reduced sales and offers - and by this preventing it from going to the trash, unused.

And, after reading some other related topics here: Yes I need a screen protector. When I purchased the FP3 I also ordered a screen protector the same time. And as soon as it came I attached the protector (foil).
I never removed it yet, but it now has a lot of scratches and already also some tny holes. My FP3 is in constant danger of getting some scratches, for example at work (I work in tram car maintenance) - and the display even looks like having some tiny fissures already. But it still is working normally.
I would like to remove and replace the worn out protector, but I am afraid that the display would break soon when unprotected.

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