Community newsletter input

Dear Community members,

We send out a community newsletter to our 44k+ subscribers every 2 to 3 weeks. To make sure they are aware of this awesome community, we’d like to include more information from the community in the newsletter.

So if you are organizing events or meetups or if you made something with or for the Fairphone. Or if you found a discussion/article/newsitem somewhere that seems to be of particular relevance for the Fairphone community: please share it in this thread!

I will check this thread every time we are about to send a newsletter out, so just throw in stuff you think should be included. We will add them on a rolling basis.

Thank you!


Hello did you send previously announced newsletter? I din’t received it.

The suggestion of @ChuckMorris to make available newsletter’s archives is a good idea! :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be interesting to send a newsletter about the release of Fairphone 2 Open Source OS.

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I’ve just posted in the other thread:

[Link deleted]

I’m sure the link to the blog post will be included in the next newsletter.

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Take care, you shared your personal archive link (anyone can unsubscribe you or manage your preferences).

You can use this one :

I still no understand why i dont receive the newsletters.

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Oh, thank you for the headsup!

Maybe you registered with a different email address?

we’re about to send out a newsletter! Anything that should go in there?

Great! :slight_smile:

Vienna and Paris should go in there, of course! I’d really appreciate, if these two topics would be featured in the newsletter:

As I do not know how or when SailfishOS will become available on the Fairphone, I’ll leave that out. Also the ideas for workshops feels a little early. But maybe we can share a link to the official invitation? Remember it will be send to 44k people… if 1% decides to join the EFCT, is that something you could handle?

Haha, no, not at all… :blush:

Yeah, the activities/workshops-wiki is only a brainstorming, nothing fixed yet… Would be great, if we could share the official invitation, when it is available!

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Working together already for newsletters, wow I like this!! Some more community co-ops for Jolla to learn from you. I agree that the poll is not newsletter stuff at this point. I hope it to contribute to that particular discussion only to fine tune some hopefully nice ideas.

Edit: By the way @Douwe , after the Fairphone’s tweet about newsletter updates regarding Sailfish OS, it might be a good idea to add anything about the co-ops just the mention it, as in my understanding there were some people who subscribed to your newsletter for those.


We’re about to send out another newsletter!
If you have anything we should include, post it here :slight_smile:

Hi Douwe,

On 28.6.2016 will be the Fairnessrun in Vienna and we are planning to run with our Fairphone T-Shirts :wink:
Maybe you can mention this event?
Katie has further information.

Kind regards


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French article about waste reduction and sustainability, talking about Fairphone (not only) that could be interesting for next newsletter (if @Stefan could respect contributions) : “Les modèles ouverts favorisent la réduction des déchets à la source”

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Thank you @alexisju! I’ll forward it to our newsletter person.

Anyone else? We’re sending out the newsletter today!

Maybe it would be good to write some statements about the supports answer time and the common known issues with the FP2.
At the moment the users frutrated about the support and issues don’t know what Fairphone plans to improve and when it will be better with the support.
(As a FP1 user with a working FP1 I’m not affected, but in my opinion, the bad support and some FP2 issues are not helpful for a good reputation.)
To know the difficulties helps to understand the situation and to be patient :-).



There is a more formal way now of letting Fairphone know about community events: