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Hello fellow Fairphoners,

for our study in International Media and Entertainment Management, my project group and I were asked to conduct an image research about a company of our choice. After thorough discussion we chose to look at the company Fairphone. For the most part, we all agreed that it would be interesting to work with the company for additional experience in this field, and we are curious about the users and their relationship with the company.

Our survey focuses on Fairphone users and their experience with the company and the product. We also focused a lot on the four main company objectives that represent Fairphone’s goals. We aim to answer the final question if Fairphone was able to fulfill its company objectives in the eyes of its customers.

The survey is in English and takes 10-15 minutes to fill in. Anyone who currently owns or ever owned a Fairphone can take part in it and is more than welcome to do so. We are also interested in ex-users and their reasons to stop using Fairphone.
We hope to get 100+ accurate responses that help us to get a clear image of our topics.

Thanks to everyone who takes a little of his or her time to help us!

Link to survey:


The “Do you have the newest software (Fairphone OS 17.04.8 or Fairphone Open OS 17.04.0) on your Fairphone?” question is a bit misleading. :wink: I’ll put yes, but I’m running the Kitkat alpha for FP1. :wink:

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Thank you for this comment!
I indeed forgot to include the FP1 OS when entering the question online, I did have it in my notes.
I will see if it is still possible to change, otherwise we’ll include a short notice in our introductioning texts.


Done, I hope it helps!

I submitted my response! :slight_smile:

Done and good luck
All the best for the study

Thank you all!
We already have 70 responses, but we need a minimum of 125. We also posted the survey in several Fairphone groups on Facebook, but if you have any other ideas where we could find and reach more users, we are very thankful for tips.

There is a community newsletter. For a while @Douwe asked for input on the forum, but since mostly community events were submitted and there is now a better way to publish them the thread was closed. But maybe you can ask him if he can put your survey into the next newsletter.


A few weeks later our project time is up and we summarized our results and findings in a poster.

It was our first research project and we only had a few weeks, therefore it all went a bit chaotic. Due to the space problem with the poster we also couldn’t work as detailed as we would have wished for with texts and explanations.

It was really interesting to work on this, though, and I learned a lot about the company and it’s work. Also the opinion of the respondents wasn’t as negative as we expected and it gives me hope to see that many people still believe in the company :slight_smile:


An advice for future layouts: Break the wide text boxes up into multiple columns. This makes it much easier to read. :slight_smile:

Congratulations for your finished project!


@Tawa do you have a hq version of that poster? I’d really like to read it.

I now uploaded the original version from my laptop, I hope that one is better to read. I do not have any other version, so I hope that it is okay with zooming, even though it is slightly unpractical. We designed it to be printed on A1 format.

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