Com.nb.superuser malware help!

Since yesterday, don’t know why. Got Adds in my notification bar and after a while even full screen at random intervals. This morning my phone continuously tried to make a 3G connection. put some av-apps and some of them found out that I have a malware called: com.nb.superuser and Couldn’t remove any of them and didn’t find a solution on the internet. Do you guys have any idea?


Try downloading DiskUsage to view your files, and then go to [Root required] -> /data and then look at the ‘App’ block to find the package and then delete it?

Haven’t tried it but could potentially work

If nothing else helps, you will have to do a hard reset. Good luck! :sunny:

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I had this problem with my phone too but somehow figured out how to stop it.if you are using a samsung android will have to disable com.nb.superuser in ur phone.To do this go to settings >application manager>select all on top right>look out for com.nb.superuser and disable it.
This is the only way to stop it as it is rooted with ur phone.hard reset wont help.


This is awesome and it works for me. Tqvm dude! Your the best!

worked for me too. ths