message meaning?

Hi there, i keep getting this message in my new fp2. Used to pop up once a day but now it appears every 5-10 seconds. Everything still seems to be working fine, except that it keeps deleting my wallpaper and that it’s rather annoying. Any ideas?

Okay tried to post a screenshot here but can’t work out how, it says “unfortunately the process has stopped” and you can click okay for it to go away.

Thanks in advance!

This issue already occurred to other people as well, see this thread (please use the forum search function next time). It seems to be an issue with a roaming SIM card in the 2nd SIM slot (see the topic for more details).

Moreover, it is even a known bug, which is already included in the official Fairphone software issue report and will be fixed with the next update.

Does this apply to your situation?: (i.e. do you have only one SIM, in slot 2, and are you roaming)

Thanks so much you guys! Tried to search the forum but having a hard time doing anything with this bloody message popping up all the time haha