Colour case for Fairphone 3 with sugru

Hey all,
As the colours have been announced for the cases I found myself a little disappointed (would have preferred a bit more oempf) and then realised that there’s this stuff i use around the house to fix things with called sugru, which is basically moldable silicone. As the phone already has a bumper I was thinking of filling in parts of the back cover with it. Would not only protect the phone as a case would, but also could look pretty snazzy. Just putting it out there in case anyone is also interested, and will add pictures once I’ve found the time to actually do it (and in case anyone is like NOOOOoOOOO - I’d love to hear why!!)
If curious:

You might want to look into texturing. Getting it even and flat is a challenge anyway (though for laptop feet I’ve 1) taped of areas that I don’t want Sugru to stick with scotch tape, 2) put some cling film on a flat surface and pressed the laptop with Sugru applied to the right areas down on it, 3) flipped the laptop over and removed the film, 4) carefully cut away the spillage (at a nice angle), 5) very gently massaged the Sugru with soapy fingers to get a smooth / shiny surface and finally 6) removed the scotch tape before letting the Sugru cure).

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Ooh! Thank you, that’s a good thing to consider and test out indeed!

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