Color temperature

I realized that the screen of the FP3 has a very “cold” and “blueish” color temperature compared to other smartphones (regardless of whether they use LCD or OLED).
Because of this, the screen of the FP3 looks not as good as possible to me; it feels a bit cheap and inconvenient because of this cold color temperature.

Sadly in the FP3 there is no setting to adjust the color temperature, like it is present in some other Android phones.
Is there any chance to customize the color temperature of the FP3 beside of the night mode (which is way too much for day usage)?

Thanks for any help!

Not any direct help but my phone FP3+ is fine. I’m comparing my own website via Firefox:-
it’s the same as my LG TV displaying Raspberry PI Buster,
the same as my Win10 tablet and
my Galaxy Alpha running Android Kitkat

Using default FOS A10 ~ 0084 and Nova launcher

I wonder if an alternative launcher may provide some options

Personally, I used to set the night mode to the minimum during the day (you can choose the intensity of the filter by long-pressing on the button) especially inside buildings, and to the maximum at night, which was fine to me.

There are some other blue-screen filter apps you can find on the Play store, like “Twilight” for example, to adjust it more precisely.

Alternatively, you could add a blue-light filter protective glass.


Exactly what I am using :wink:
Strange, my FP3 is really more blueish than all other devices.

That’s what I also tried before. But in my opinion, the lowest night mode was too warm for me.

Thanks for this hint! Now I purchased “Screen Balance” from the playstore and did some white balance corrections. Looks much better now.
(I did not know this is possible without rooting.)

Thanks for helping!


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