Color Noise screen

Got my FP3 unusable by dropping it. Device is still working though, it’s just the screen that shows the color noise.
Basic OS functions seem to be ok: LED turns on when connected to power, I can control display on/off with the power button, I can turn on the flashlight with the power button.

Came to the conclusion 3 pogo pins are pushed down and don’t come up again.
Is there any way to get them operational again?

If not, is it possible to replace the pogo pin pad on the core module? I rather not send it in for repair as the device will be wiped

So I take it you already took the phone apart and then re-assembled it.

You might have already paid attention to this, but just to make sure: When re-assembling, it’s not just the screws, but also the plastic clamps that need to click into place again to secure the connection between screen and core (see the black font instructions in Step 9 here).

Unfortunately, the pogo pin pad is not user-replaceable on its own (whole core module only, basically unaffordable). And I think it is unlikely as well that the Repair Service would (be able to) replace just the pogo pin pad. :frowning:

Last but not least, if you have the chance, you might want to check with another display module if it’s really about the three pins on the core module or if actually the display might have become faulty.


It definitely wasn’t the display as that was the first thing I replaced (besides battery and bottom module, but those were replaced because they were worn out, not defective).
Doesn’t really matter anymore.

I managed to get 2 out of 3 pins back up (some ethanol to clean them and some iFixit tools to wobble them to get them loose.
I thought I give it try. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad :slight_smile:
And the screen just worked again :man_shrugging:

And now I think about it: I’ve also put he FP3+ modules in, so except for the core and the speaker module all the parts have been replaced since 2019


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