Clove Technology taking survey if people want to buy a FP2 in UK

Just saw on twitter:

Clove Technology has been in conversation with Fairphone, manufacturers of the ethical, modular smartphone.

We would like to list the new Fairphone 2 for sale, and be the only place in the UK to buy it SIM Free (without a contract). However, we would like to gauge interest from our customer base and the wider community before making this commitment.

As I often see people asking where to get the FP2 in the UK (other than phone-coop, where you get it just with a contract), I guess it makes sense to point to this survey here :wink:


You can certainly buy the refurbished on when it’s in stock both with/without contract through Phone Co-op.

And you used to be able to buy the original without contract but seems they have moved to contract only - probably because this is how most people purchased it.

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