Cloud Firewall addon for Firefox forks in desktop/phone

Hello FP community,
I am Gokulakrishna. I created the “Cloud Firewall” addon for Firefox to help enable everyone to easily replicate Kashmir Hill’s research series “Life without the big tech” which inspired me to build it. I reused Dhruv’s data from his VPN he built for Kashmir’s research. Created account here to share this with you :slight_smile:

GPLv3 source is in Gitlab. Yes, Gitlab is itself hosted on Google Cloud. Please review the file!

I got good feedback from users and many in Twitter have told me that they are trying to replicate Kashmir Hill’s research using this addon.

It’s just 2 weeks after its first publish, I’d gladly welcome and take any feedback, issue reports or feature requests comments and feedback if you take it for a spin !

If you wish, you can boost this toot in your Mastodon for reach visibility :

Common questions:

  • It’s not a hosts/filter list based “ad/tracker blocker” addon. We already have
    the fantastic UblockOrigin for it and I would never want to compete with it as I am a big fan and promoter of UBO too and its advanced mode!
  • It’s literally a firewall - looks at IP for both address bar URL and also the 1p/3p resources and blocks the connection if and only if user chooses to block a cloud and IP of URL bar hostname or 1p/3p resource match the
    bundled IP address ranges owned by a cloud which the user chose to block.
  • User can choose to enable persistence of block/allow rules across browser restarts, in Settings page. By default upon install, it does not block anything. And by default, it does not persist allow/block rules across restarts.
  • Chromium (Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi etc) is not supported because it does not provide to extensions an API that resolves DNS to IP the way firefox does {Refer compatibility table in DNS webext API which Firefox provides to addons } And I would never want any of my 3 addons to make a network call from addon code - so I don’t want to add an option for DOH/DOT type DNS --> IP resolution from addon code.
  • TBB is not supported and also not supported for use with “Proxy addons” in
    addons store. If someone can show me in issue #18 how to use
    TBB’s DNS resolver from another addon, I could do it - PR welcome for it
    too! (I am aware users are not supposed to use addons apart from
    official bundled ones in TBB by its developers, but nothing stops a user
    from installing stuff from AMO and this is a feature request from advanced user)

Also see feedback received in /e/ forum:

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