Closed Poll: What improvements on Fairphone 2's Hardware are most important to you?

I would really really like a 4.7in screen because I think it would be more suitable now that so many things can be done through a smartphone. However I chose GPS because the lack of life in the GPS engine was a huge letdown for me during my US road trip. I don’t mind the weight though the heavier the device, the harder the fall: my phone fell on the tarmac from my pocket as I was getting out of my car (so not very high) and it chipped badly a corner on the white frame…

Please the screen smaller… I don’t want a phablet, I want a phone

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For me I think battery life is very important, either through improved power management or a bigger capacity.

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I will close this poll on Monday, 23rd :scream: and report the findings. I will continue with another poll, stillt thinking about the questions. You are welcome to send me suggestions via PM. :wink:


I couldn’t decide between battery lifetime and better location service, but in the end I
chose better location service since I can manage charging and maybe buying a 2’nd batterie but have small influence about location service.
Nice would be also infra red to use FP as remote control device - not important, just nice.

I can’t find the most important option: the flash of the camera. I’m absolutely happy with my FP1, but the current flash is so weak and bad, that I consider buying FP2 only because of that.

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I will do another poll later, maybe i will come back at your suggestion.

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This poll is closed. The first round is over. The poll hat 317 views with exactly 70 people voting. In 25 comments, they explained their choices or made interesting suggestions. Here are the results: Asked to choose one of following areas, users clearly opted for better location services with 46% of votes. Following, are Battery Lifetime and Usability Papecuts (like the Proximity Sensor or Range of Screen Brightness) with 26% and 23%. If asked to decide for only one think, Less Weight and a Larger Screen seem to be less important. Keep in mind that the Fairphone 2 will see improvements in several areas, so don’t be disappointed if your choice came in the last place. But if it were only one of these five, it should be Location services.


Thanks for the poll, @ben! I’m looking forward to the next one! :slight_smile:

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