"Close all apps" button

Is there any way to close all apps at once?
It would be very useful to have a way to close them all once after you click on the right square icon which shows every app opened at that moment.

This question comes up often, but Android OS prefers to keep all applications running or better “sleeping” in the available memory. This is a design decision made for different reasons (good and bad ones).

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Thanks for the answer! No possibility to add that then?

We are just an open forum here (I’m just a FP user as well), but technically it’s possible. But I don’t think it will get implemented. On Android you have to able to trust the applications you run not to do something fishy behind your back.

Here is a link that maybe explains the whole thing a bit more (Sorry, have to run … not sure if it’s a really good article).

Update: But maybe there are apps and launchers available that provide this kind of feature?

If you have rooted your phone you can install the XPosed module Gravity Box which gives the ability to add such a button (and many more cool tweaks).


A link that explains the whole problem better and also gives some answers to those who still want to do it:


Thanks!! I’ll check that!

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