Cloning an FP3 to another

Long story short: my main FP3 has been bootlooping for weeks and I abandon hope of fixing it, and for weeks I’ve been using the family spare FP3.

The main FP3 seemed to work better (actually, my only grievance with the spare is that it often takes blurry pictures).

I could probably try and switch the camera module, but for the fun of it, I’d like to transfer the system (OS, settings and data) from the spare to the main phone.

So I’d like to know:

  1. what kind of action could achieve this (I guess it’s a matter of dumping partitions from the spare and writing them to the main, isn’t it)?
  2. how to achieve this successfully without any bricking risk?


Sorry for not answering exactly your question. But I don’t know the best way of exactly doing what you’re asking for (although you could use TWRP to transfer the OS).
So my recommendation would be to

  1. forget about cloning the OS and instead do a factory reset and fresh OS install on the “destination” phone
  2. temporarily root the “source” phone
  3. use a backup app like Titanium Backup on the “source phone” to backup settings and data (and save the backup data to an SD card)
  4. insert SD card with backup data into “destination” phone
  5. temporarily root the “destination” phone
  6. use the backup app to restore the data on the “destination” phone
  7. have fun with your “cloned” device
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Thank you. Will definitely consider this. Is Titanium Backup still alive and kicking?

Well, last update is from 2019 and it’s not very intuitive. But the results are imho still quite well

I remember once I used TB some years ago, it was already not maintained, I nearly bricked my device back then. I don’t remember the details, maybe it was some mishandling from my part, but my conclusion back then was that it was probably due to some incompatibility of TB.
Maybe I should try and find an alternative.

Just thought of dd and found this:

Warning: Never tried that myself

Perhaps a kind soul like @derbaertigefrytz could share his opinion on the feasibility (I consider him way more fluent with adb than myself)…

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I’d recommend against doing so, since you might clone your bootloop issues when doing so. Sync (at least temporarily) your settings to your Google account and your photos to Google cloud. Then factory reset the target device, log in with you Google credentials and you should be pretty much done. That’s what cloud is for.

Best wishes,

Please note that I want to clone the spare, operating phone, to the main, bootlopping one.
Also, I disabled as many Google stuff synching as I could.

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Ah, okay. I misunderstood that part.

Your choice. Fingers crossed for whatever method you will try!

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Hi @mll

another idea which I prefer is using MyPhoneExplorer | Funktionen (Windows only program - but if you got no Windows system available try Windows in a VM for example)

With this you can easily backup your data (contacts/calendars, data, etc) and push it over to the other device without any cloud included.
But of course this is not really cloning the full device.

With this method you´re at least save from any dangers that could happen with importing images, using dd or rooting the device.


Thank you for the suggestion. I already have important stuff backuped actually. And indeed, it’s a cloning (for programmes and parameters) that I aim for.

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