Clock widget cut off

The clock widget gets cut off by a few pixels if reduced to a 1x2 block. I’ve encountered this bug both on my phone and on someone else’s. Is there some way to fix this other than to make the box much larger than it needs to be?

Unfortunately I don’t think so.
I disliked that, among other things, too about the stock launcher which is why I use a custom launcher, Buzz Launcher to be exact.
I also use a different clock widget: Dashclock, but that alone won’t solve the problem either, sorry.

This was solved with the new launcher v2. Since the old launcher is back, so is this little bug. I chose the v2 launcher again.

May the Force be with you

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lol yeah this sort of annoyed me as well.
I don’t think you need to install a custom launcher to get around this problem though, you could also find a different clock widget to use. There’s a whole bunch of those in the Play Store.

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Did you set your fonts in Display settings to be larger than “Normal”?
I saw something similar in another widget, which cuts off parts of text if the system font is set to be larger than normal size

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