Clock missing Guatemala

Hello there,
Just updated to new Android and noticed that Guatemala is missing from the list of places for the clock. Random, I know, but I want it back…
Can the list be manually updated?


No, not on mine :slight_smile:

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Strange. Did you try clearing the app data of the Clock app? Or maybe it’s a translation issue. What language is your phone set to?

No, didn’t do anything like that and the language is English, so it’s not that (nor would it be). Strange alright…

What I meant is: You could try clearing the app data of the Clock app in order to fix it. :relaxed:

Sorry Chuck, I’m not sure what you mean.

Go to Settings / Apps / Clock / Storage and tap clear data.

Did that and rebooted but no luck…

I confirm the same behavior on mine (Italian language) 17.04.1, Guatemala is missing.
I suppose it is a matter of translation though, I have several cities names belonging to the wrong sorting letter (I have Hamburg under “H” but it is translated as “Amburgo” so I expected to find under “A” letter).


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