Clock disappeared from start screen

The clock + date have disappeared from my start screen. Not sure why this happened - one moment it was there, the next it wasn’t. How do I get it back?

Thank you!!

You mean the lock screen, right?

Swipe to the left, then touch the + icon, you’ll be able to add a widget from there, including the clock.

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No, it’s still there on the lock screen.

Just open the widget section (left hardware button) and select digital clock (for example)
and drag it to your start screen.


Oh the start screen, OK.

What Timbuktu said then. :smile:
That’s how you add widgets and/or app shortcuts on your screen.


Thanks for this, it does bring the clock back to the start screen. However, in a much smaller format and the date (and the time I set the alarm) doesn’t show properly - the text is cut off so only half of “Fri January 9” shows. Any suggestions on how I enlarge the clock and also get the text to show properly? This was not a problem before the clock disappeared.

If you touch and hold the widget, you normaly can adjust the wide and height of the widget.

Normaly the font size resizes, when you change the size of the widget.

Perhaps you could upload a screenshot of your start screen, if the problem stays.


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If I touch and hold the widget, all it allows me to do is delete it. I also assumed I would be able to drag it to adjust the size, but no such luck.

How do I upload a screenshot? (I’m completely technologically inept and am of the persuasion that technology should always work as I have no interest in learning how to fix it or do anything with it. :-))

You can resize the clock, after you touch and hold the widget, you release the widget. Now you should see a line around the widget and four dots:

You put your finger on one of the dots and make it bigger or schmaler. The font size reduces or gets bigger. It is important, that you have enough space on your homescreen:

give it a try.

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schmaler??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: nice!!! :de:

@gummisen: You can make a screen shot by pressing Volume down + Power simultaneously. To upload your screenshot, either access the forum via your FP, or upload the image via your desktop.

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