Clock closing while setting alarm; random reboots after update to 16.12.0

FP2 OpenOS 16.12.0 + XPosed + OpenGAPPS Pico
Clock is closing while setting alarm and random reboots after update to 16.12.0 (slim case corall red)
These are no full reboots, because they are quick and dirty. No PIN input, no change of date and time or ringtone.
Anyone a hint for me or the whole forum???:slight_smile:

Thanks Franz

Try clearing the cache of the clock app in Settings > Apps > All.

As for the reboots, try switching back to the regular cover for a while or if you don’t have one anymore play around with your phone without a cover (in a safe environment) to see if the reboots are cover related.

  • If so continue here
  • If not continue here
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Thanks for the quick response… I will try and report back.:smile:


Cache cleaning had no effect. Tried to update again with No result. Clock closing, gallery distorted (music and pictures) It is running but it’s a mess.:disappointed:
Backup before Updating was incomplete. :rage: (my fault) Random boots should be from the case.

Has anyone for a download?? Is it possible to switch back to the version before??? That version was stable with xposed and openGapps.

Since nobody else reported the issues you describe yet it’s very unlikely that they come from the update.

How did you try to update? With Xposed and OpenGapps installed you’ll have to install the zip via TWRP. Did you see the “Optimizing App x of y” messages after reinstalling? Otherwise it didn’t work.

Hi Paul!
Sorry for whirling around a litle bit.
I did the update with TWRP and Yes I saw the “Opimizing Screen” and to make a long story short:
All in all it was a problem with the SD-Card. The system Apps gallery and music had “Ghost files” Showing a lot more files than really exisiting. 5x the same mp3 for all of my songs on Music and only one was working. In the gallery there were a lot of grey pictures not exisiting. Clock was affected through that mistery. I did a backstep to and it worked out.:slight_smile:
With unmounting and mounting the SD-Card it was all OK again.:sweat:
So perhaps I can go for the latest update.
Anyway thank you for the help provided.
Is there a possibility to arrange a separate “Download-Section” here in the Forum? Or Link Collection? Only the most necessary files?

Yours Franz


What do you have in mind? The current updates’ files can always be found at the same place of the homepage and they are also linked e.g. in the #updateguide.
Non-current updates are not found so easily on purpose as it’s almost never recommended to downgrade.
What other files would you want gathered in one place?

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