Clicking on links no longer works

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face: I have a new problem since a few days. Every time I open the screen I see a short text on the screen for a split second … very quickly and then gone. I can’t read what it is.

  • the phone no longer opens links to websites. The phone automatically jumps back to the page where the link is.


Any chance you could record the screen with an app to catch the message? If you upload it somewhere I can go through it frame by frame to see what it says.
What’s your default browser? Does it work if you switch to another one, say, Brave?


Hi! No happens is in a split second. I can’t even see what I’m actually seeing . Too quick.
Also I can’t answer directly from the mail clicking on “visit topic”
Right now I answer on the iPad.

Try with another browser and we’ll see if Chrome is the issue and go from there

I am now answering with iOs. No problem with that.
The issue with the phone is only about since the last update (last week?) As is the tiny pop-up

Y… yes. But we need to know if your Fairphone 4 can open links in another browser, so that we know if the issue is with your current browser or if the issue is elsewhere.

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Isnt there somewhere in the setttings (for the mail app) something to be allowed to open links? So maybe not the Browser is the problem…?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. Other browser? My phone uses android or isn’t that the browser? And my mail is gmail but I don’t use google as a browser as far as I know …

@yvmuell Yvonne That would be new … it occurs only since the last update

@loseyourself do I have to download an other browser than? Sorry :woman_shrugging:

No your browser is probably Chrome. Android is the operating system.

Open Play Store on your phone and search for “Brave” and download that and try opening it

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Ahh okay. Thanks (says the nitwit)

Don’t worry! You’re a super genius compared to my dad, and a technological savant compared to my uncle.

After you installed Brave, does something different happen when you click a link? Does it ask you if you want to open it in Brave instead?


Well it logs in without any questions…

@loseyourself thanks for the compliment by the way :smile:

So you’ve installed Brave? What happens when you click a link in a mail now? Does it ask you if you want to open the link using Brave? Does that work?

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Just as I described. It opens without asking any questions

But the link opens now?

@loseyourself yes it does. And also the probleem seems to be resolved now :slightly_smiling_face::woman_shrugging: Thanks for your help though. Have a nice Sunday :smiling_face:


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