Clean up my phone without factory setting option? How? Does it make sense?


my FP turns 3 years in December and I am wondering if it makes sense to clean it up a bit. I deleted a lot of pictures, but I guess there are many dead files on this phone.

Does anyone know how to do it without using the factory setting option? Basically I want to keep my apps as they are and delete all unneccessary data.

Does this make sense at all? There is still some hope that this will help the phone for better performances, however I basically have no technical knowledge.

Cheers, Julian

Usually Linux based OSs (Distros) know quite well which files they are keeping and what’s installed, but this is Android. It was touched by Google turning it more or less into a crippled Linux or some would tend to say crap in comparison to conventional Linux for PCs.

So you may have heard or experienced things like crashes, sudden reboots…that’s not Linux like.
Conventional Linux versions often keep backups, file caches or full installation packs just in case if needed again. These files may be cleared to keep the system sleek.

But Android is more scattered and recourse wasting. As known from Windows the CCleaner tool (initially the idea of a tool for cleaning the C: drive…) is available for Android too.
It can do some cleaning once in a while and is good for e.g. removing empty
drawers and unused temporary or call log files. But it´s not necessary to use it on a regular basis. It may help to free some space though.
I think it’s not as urgent needed as on windows.
Different than conventional Linux versions, Android does not always clear the used storage when an app is uninstalled. Mostly it leaves remains which may be cleared with 3rd party tools as e.g. ccleaner (offering individual clean settings).

Thanks for these information!

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I use the “SD Maid System cleaning tool”. Try to have a look there.

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