Charging Slowly or not at all

It is your decision, of course, but just have a look at this:

So the solution might be to change the bottom module. And if it is, you might even get it for free (warranty)…

Yes thanks, but I’m not prepared to got through all the hassle of doing all the tests again and again etc. I find it more stressful than putting up with the inconsistent charging.

At 73 with 40 acres of land to manage I have more entertaining things to do. If I were younger I may well have given Fairphone a run for their money :slight_smile:

I’m far more tolerant at not getting what I want now the future is short, I’m trying to relax from my demanding nature.


I understand, but then, I think the best solution for you would be to buy a new bottom module and see if that helps. If you cannot change it yourself, anyone else can do for you…

You are trying a lot to be helpful, it’s quiet endearing, but as I said I don’t want to use more resources as I can get by with what I have. I have the skills to swap/repair/code etc. I just don’t have the inclination, even to communicate with Fairphone.

It’s one thing to buy from a child but it’s quite another thing to ask them to be responsible for what they sell.

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For the last month or so the charging seems to be fairly quick with all the same peripherals ?? About 2hrs rather than the 5hrs I was getting.

I had read that the charging has a learning ability, well, if it has, it took well over six months to get a grip that a supply of 5V at 2.4A is fine.

It might have been some improvement caused by a SW update rather than a 6 months’ learning curve… :wink:


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