Charging Problems: Switching between charging and not charging

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I got my new FP3 yesterday, and at first I was very happy. But then I tried to charge it, and this did not work at all. I had same issues as described in this post concerning FP2:

Now I am quite disapointed - if they had same problems already with FP2, why does it now happen again? I already tried different charging devices, and this did not help.
Of course it is a good idea for the environment to not deliver a USB charger together with the phone - but if then the charging is so special that the people have problems to find a charger that fits… That is very ennoying!

Every problem can happen with every device. This was never “a problem of the FP2” but a problem with a specific device.

Please elaborate. Did you try different USB data cables, plugs & sockets? How many?

It’s not special. You just need a good charger with a good data cable.


I’d suggest trying a new cable and checking the output of the chargers you’re using.

It may be that the cable or charger or combination doesn’t produce enough, consistent, charge for the phone.
I had a similar problem with an old charger I had, it was rated at 1A.
In much the same way as yours, it’d switch between charging and not. The phone doesn’t have trouble with the QC3 compatible charger I have from a previous phone.

I found a different 1A charger (Chromecast) and tried that instead, now it charges flawlessly.

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