Charging new battery

Hi, I just received a new battery for my Fairphone 3. Any advice or special tricks as how to charge it for the first time for optimal use?

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I would test it first for capacity with USB-meter but few people have such.

Other than that you could consider to narrow the charging window with something like

Was that your first replacement?

Charge to 100% to begin with, maybe even a few times.

Li-ion batteries do not usually reach their max capacity until up to 100 cycles for some, so don’t worry too much. (let’s say 10 times before you only ever occasionaly ‘fully’ charge.

But otherwise I keep mine between 40 and 80 percent, occasionally going lower and over 90.

2.5 years and it’s fine

Charging up to 100% every evening or night, sometimes charging a bit additionally during the day, taking care it doesn’t go below 20% too often, but it happens.
On my first battery since about 3.5 years, totally fine.


Yes, first change after 4 years,

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Calibration for the first charge is usually done by letting the battery go down to 5%, then charge it to 100% (full charge cycle).
Then I would recommend to avoid being too far from 50% when in daily use (I try to keep 20-80).

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Wow :face_with_monocle:

Already wanted to drop this link:

There is lots to read (and rather well written, too) but if you eked out 4 yrs, I doubt you need any guidance at all :+1:

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Just in case someone doesn’t follow an included link in the above URL
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