Charging FP3 with Nintendo Switch charger?


I am aware that the FP3 is not compatible with every usb-c chargers, and so not mine. I am waiting for the official one, but in the meantime I would like to try the Nintendo Switch chargeur. It is an usb c with two output : 5V/1.5A and 15V/2.6A. I would like to know if it is safe to use it. I mean, there are two possible output and this charger is not fit for the FP3, so is it possible that it would give it the wrong tension ? Is the FP3 protected from this ?

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I have tried and it worked fine for me :wink:


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I found it’s more about the cable, not so much the charger …


Thank you very much for the welcoming and the answers. That’s great if it work ! :smile:
So as long as the phone is charging, I can be sure that the Nintendo charger is using the good output (not the 15V one) and it will not damage my phone right ? :slight_smile:
By the way, how could I know if the cable is USB-IF certified, AnotherElk ?

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Yes, it’s safe: the charger will adapt to your device’s needs. At least for good quality devices (no forgery).

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Thank you very much :smile:

You can see to it that cables you get from now on are USB-IF certified, it should say so in the specs of the cable.

If you already have a cable, you probably can’t know, unless you can still look up this exact cable’s specs online.

I use my procontroller cable to charge the phone in my car. I use my Chromebook cable to charge my procontroller. They all seem fairly interchangeable :stuck_out_tongue:

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