Charging FP3+ with a Macbook Pro charger

Sorry if this has been asked before but a search didn’t return a result:

I don’t see Apple macbook usb-c chargers on Qualcomm’s list, but are they OK for charging the FP3+?

Specifically the 2017 87W Macbook Pro charger; the adapter says on it:
Output: 20.2V - 4.3A(USB PD) or 9V - 3A(USB PD) or 5.2V - 2.4A.

Fairphone states charger must be 5V and 1-3A.

As I understand it, that the charger is capable of higher V/A shouldn’t matter, and the device will only draw what it needs? Is there any danger of using this charger? (Is that extra .2V over 5V going to matter!)

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It will at least charge the FP3(+) with ‘normal’ speed. The current 20W Apple USB-C charger is able to charge it fast, so probably this will too. There should be no risk, because, if phone and charger are not able to conmmunicate, only the slowest mode will be used.


It doesn’t matter how much a charger can give, rather how much a phone can receive.

In support of @Incanus view

The phone can take up to 20V at a low current or a lower voltage at a higher current so 5.2V is not a problem. Whatever the charger inputs the power chip converts it to 4.4V

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