Charger Recommendations that can do both QC 3.0 & PD

Hi, I’ve recently switched to a FP3+ from an iPhone 6. Unfortunately this means I have to buy a new mains charger as my current ones are only 500mA so charge really slowly.

I might as well use this as an opportunity to get a decent future-proof mains charger though, so I’m looking for one that handles both QuickCharge3.0 and USB PowerDelivery so that I can use it for charging products using either of the standards.
Ideally it will be GaN too for the sake of size and power efficiency, but I think most modern chargers will be using that by now anyway.

Right now I’m primarily looking at this Ugreen charger and this imuto one too. There’s a Duracell one doesn’t look like a bad option either. Does anyone have any recommendations that fit within my requirements?

QuickCharge 4.0 devices should be compatible with both standards - QC 4.0 is essentially USB PD with backwards compatibility for previous QC standards added.

Fairphone’s own UK charger looks like a very future-proof solution with both USB-A and -C ports on it, however it’s sadly out of stock for the moment. (I assume you’re in the UK or a country with similar power sockets, because you linked chargers with a UK plug in your post.)


You may like to consider a QC4+ option

The Qualcomm QC4+ charging protocol is compatible with the latest USB PD3.0 (PPS) and is backward compatible with USB PD2.0, QC3.0, QC2.0, BC1.2 and other protocols;

Not a recommendation but a view

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Oh cool, I didn’t realise that! That should open up a few more options for me then as I have just been limiting myself to chargers that specified QC3.0 & PD.

I probably would’ve gone for Fairphone’s own charger, but it seems to have been out of stock for a while as you said. I set it to notify me when they get restocked, but I’ll have a look around for other options now that I’m aware of QC4+. Do you know if Fairphone’s dual-port charger uses QC4+?

Has anyone used Anker chargers with the Fairphone? I’m thinking the Anker 735 might be suitable.

At first I thought their PowerIQ was another proprietary charging standard, but it looks like PowerIQ2.0 is compatible with Qualcomm QC3.0, and although I can’t find information on PowerIQ3.0 specifically being compatible with QC4/4+/5, it generically states on Anker’s website that it’s compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge.

In case noone knows, in FPs support Artikel is a link to the Official Qualcomm compatible devices list

quick-charge-device-list.pdf (1.1 MB)

These specs are printed on the Fairphone Dual-port 30W Charger (EU):

USB PD 3.0 AC Power Supply
Model: A2009-03
Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 0.8A
Maximum output power: 30.0W
USB-C + USB-A: 5.0V= 3.4A 17.0W
USB-A: 3.6-6.0V= 3.0A 10.8W-18.0W, 6.0-9.0V= 2.0A 12.0W-18.0W, 9.0-12.0V= 1.5A 13,5W-18.0W
USB-C: 5.0V= 3.0A 15.0W, 9.0V= 3.0A 27.0W, 12.0V= 2.5A 30.0W,
15.0V= 2.0A 30.0W, 20,0V= 1.5A 30.0W


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