Charger (ÅSKSTORM) & cable (LILLHULT) from IKEA are ok for FP3+?

Hi everybody!

I’m trying to reduce my footprint as much as I can, for example by using my Galaxy S7 as long as I can, but it finally seems to be dying now so… time to buy a FP3+.

I’ve been reading a lot of text about chargers, cables, QuickCharge 3.0, Power Delivery 3.0 (that’s not the same, right?) and it all starts to dance in front of my eyes a bit. And as much as I hate asking “stupid questions” on a forum, maybe my question is not so stupid at all.

I opened my scary box of “e-waste” and I found:

  • ÅSKSTORM (article number 504.583.17 on the IKEA website, image below): USB C port allows for 18 W while the FP3+ uses 15 W
  • surely I have some LILLHULT (USB C - USB C) as well

So the obvious question: can I charge my FP3+ with this charger & cable, or is that going to be a surprise? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community and in Germany we say, there is not stupid question, just stupid answers😉

I cannot really say anything intelligent, just wanted to point you to the official support page around this topic in case no one uses the equiment you mentioned and you habe not read the support articles just select “not charging” and you will be linked to further pages

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You can at least try to charge the FP3(+) with that equipment, it won’t harm the phone nore the charger.

At the USB-C output, it seems to suppurt only PD, not QC:

So I guess it will only charge slowly. Also at the USB-A output with 1A.


Although @incanus may be correct, I use a car charger as my ‘mains’ is 12v out in the woods. The charger produces only a static 5v but can provide 2.4A.

Th Fairphone spec says the charge is 3.5hrs so 1A will do fine and I note it can provide more. However smart chargers do talk to each other so if no comms due to different instructions then you may well be stuck with 1A max, but maybe not :100:

My phone initially charged at only 600mA and took some 5 hours to charge, but there seems to be a learning algorithm and now it charges at twice that and charges usually in 2.5hrs. (These times are relative as I rarely let the phone go below 20% or about 90% so the actual time is shorter)

The cable must be good to take 2 or 3 ampres for instance depending upon the charger.

Details on battery > scroll down and open section >3.5 Hours

Hi @ArnoS
That’s good if you can avoid buying a new charger and you’re right to seek advice :slightly_smiling_face:

ÅSKSTORM Charger : appears to be suitable for the FP3. The USB-C port delivers 3A at 5V so it should charge the phone fully in 1 hour. The USB-A port delivers 1A which is adequate and better for the battery health. I would recommend using the USB-A port. Try to keep your new phone’s battery charge between 25% and 75%, it will last much longer.

LILLHULT Cable comes in several versions, connecting USB-C to USB-C, or USB-A to either USB micro-B, USB-C or Lightning. For the FP3 you need either the USB-A to USB-C variety or USB-C to USB-C. Make sure you have the right one and if necessary order a cable with the phone.

If you have the LILLHULT USB-C to USB-C that would work, but as already stated I would recommend charging more slowly, from the USB-A port, for battery health.

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Hi, my suggestion is to buy a wall charger Qualcoom Quick Charge 3.0 Certified (compatible with FP3). I check for you: Ikea wall charger has an output of 18W to 23W, as QC3.0 work with 18W, it is fine!

I bought one from Aukey. Awesome … 1h to 0-95%. I wanted the Faiphone’s one but I can’t pay 15€ for shipping cost as charger costs the same (XD).

Fairphone’s spec says 3h without using the QC3.0, which is nonsense …


Apologies for disagreeing :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that is not the case as a) the phone has to communicate with the charger to set the voltage and if it doesn’t it will reduce the charging AH and b) the cable must be able to take 3A and so must the bottom module.

The issue about quick charging is that the voltage can be increased across the wires and through the bottom module to maybe 18v and the current reduced, to maybe 500mA so the cable and bottom module do not get burnt.

Also there is a greater low of power when the voltage is low through thin cables.

If 5v at 3A would work there would be no need for 18v on the recommended Quick Charger etc.

The Fairphone speck says 3.5Hrs to charge.
Note 15v at 1A would still in theory give you a 1hr time of charge.

Even with a low 75% efficiency this would charge the phone in 1hr 20min then there’s the slow charge if the battery was really empty and you wanted 100%.

If you can charge the phone from 20% to 90% in 1.5 hours you will be doing very well.

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Without QuickCharge 3.0. I can tell you, my FP3 takes 1h for a full charge with the right wall charger :slight_smile:

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and cable??
What charger is that and what is a full charge 0-100??

No need for apologies!
Sure you’re right, I was forgetting that although equipped with a USB-C port (physical connector) the FP3 only supports USB 2 (standard including protocol). As @Incanus wrote, this will provide, I suppose, as little as 500mA 5V?
Sorry I didn’t read Incanus’ post carefully enough, says it all.
My apologies for making this dance even more in front of @ArnoS ’ eyes. It’s a good illustration of how complicated things can be, and made worse when manufacturers don’t follow the standards.

To sum up:
Using the USB-A port as I had concluded for other reasons, should at least deliver 900mA at 5V. Slow but sure.

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5v at 900mA isn’t so slow ~ that’s 4.5 watts/hr.

if there was no efficiency loss a 3AH battery on 4.2 volts requires 12.6w so some three hours and if charging only from 30% to 90% only 7.6W ~ so two hours maybe possible.

Mind you the old common USB-A v2 only gave out 500mA

Here some pics of my wall charger:

Cable: I use the one provided with a Powerbank with QC3.0 supported I bought some time ago. I think a robust type C cable should be enought.


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?? Your second image shows it is a Qualcomm QC3 ??

I assume the comment “without QC3” was the answer to your comment that you/as per specs it needs 3.5 hours. The rest is a new sentence (at least there is a point), saying with Quick charge it takes only 1 hour.

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Interesting and astute that you noticed the ‘the point’ :slight_smile:
Also strange the Fairphone tout the charge rate as such. They must be guiding users around the USB 3 @900mA

The 500mA/900mA limits are not really relevant here, as phones and phone chargers usually support the USB Battery Charging standard (originally from Apple) which uses voltage on the data lines to indicate power up to 1.5A. You only get 500mA (“slow charging”) when connecting to a computer.

QC3.0 can be used to go above 1.5A (“fast charging”) and doesn’t seem to be supported on the Ikea charger in question. Although it can be disguised under names like Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, which is the same thing.

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Thanks for that. I may slowly begging to make some sense of some of it. I have a 5v charger that can output 2.4A but if there is a limit of 1.5A as a standard then it’s beginning to make sense that I should be able to charge in 2hours plus or less, caveat efficiency and state of charge at start and end.

Hi Arnos,
I use a ‘oneo 3A 45W Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger’, which I can take with me when I’m not at home and which has both a USB-A and a USB-C socket.
I connect the phone to the charger using a ‘oneo Endurance USB-C to USB-C Data Charging Cable - 2M’.
I use AccuBattery to monitor my FP3 and normally charge back up to to 80% when the charge drops below 50%.
A recent charging session took 25 minutes to charge from 50% to 80%, and another session took 42 minutes to charge from 44% to 89%.
I’m in the UK and got the charger and cable from http://www.mymemory.co.uk . There was a discount offer when I bought them so I paid £21.58 in total.
I imagine you can get oneo or equivalent hardware outside the UK.

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With all these charging standards there is a chance some chargers may be marketed unclearly or support multiple standards. USB PD is clearly marked because it is the next big thing nowadays for users of new phones & tablets, but it doesn’t rule out QC support.

Measuring charge level is not a very accurate indicator because you don’t know how much your battery has degraded, and charge indicators are not fully reliable. Whether the phone displays ‘fast charging’ is a more reliable indicator of the charge standards used.

Where did you find this number? Fairphone indicates 1-3A in their page about compatible chargers: Charge your FP3/FP3+ – Support

Hi Thanks for that. I was referring to the text above where I quoted Fairphones text to say charge would take 3.5hours. I doubled the relative 1A in such a situation to ensure that even at that heavier duty wiring was more or less essential…
I have edited my text to say 2 to 3 amperes depending upon charger but of course it is still a bit vague as for a cable to take 3A it really need s to capable of more as that implies a voltage of maybe 5V and there would be heat and voltage drop if the cable could only do 3A even.

I’m not aware of clear specs on cables regarding their wiring size that I could assess how well they would carry current without voltage low and incurring heat.

The Fairphone cable I use says USB2 spec and looking for that I get

which doesn’t put 2A in the dark.