Characters 'a' and 'q' untypable

Suddenly the characters ‘a’ and ‘q’ on my keybord give ‘z’ and ‘s’ as a typed response. I type ‘I ate quorn’ and ‘I zte suorn’ appears… The other characters are doing well. Does anybody recognises this problem? ANOTHER Fzirphone Gimmick? :-((

Sounds like a touchscreen problem. You can check it at Settings > Maintenance > Checkup, then perform the Draw test: try drawing lines on the screen where the left side of the keyboard would be.

Or did you set your keyboard layout to AZERTY (French keyboard) by mistake?

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Thanks Albert!
Though my keyboard is Azerty (I’m Dutch speaking) it is the ‘A’ of Azerty that doesn’t react. In the drawing test I coldn’t reacht the whole left strip of the screen. Problem found. Do you have any suggestion what I can do about this? Or is a screen replacement inevitable now? Thanks again.

Most probably: yes.

For further course of action, please refer to the Fairphone support troubeshooting guide, section “> Display > The touch function is defective”. If the issue still persists, the guide offers as last step a link for opening a support ticket.


I had the same problem with the right side of the screen. A replacement was the only solution for me.

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Dat verklaart inderdaad de letters die je noemt, ik ben als Nederlander zelf gewend aan QWERTY toetsenborden… Maar inderdaad, als het schoonmaken van de contactpunten niets oplevert dan wordt dat een nieuw scherm. Als je telefoon of scherm minder dan 2 jaar oud is zou je die gratis onder garantie moeten krijgen.

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