Changing pin code for listening voice mail

I am traveling soon outside my country. To listen to voice messages in the voice-mailbox you need a pin code. Unfortunately I forgot the pin code. So I followed the instructions of my telecom provider, how to get a new pin code. But it doesn’t work. I have called the helpline there. After unsuccessfully trying several times the lady said that it must be a problem caused by the type of my phone and that she could not help me and I would have to check with the people from fairphone.
So, can anyone tell me, how I can get a new pin code for my voice mailbox (combox) when I have a fairphone 2?
Thanks a lot!!!

What kind of instructions did you get to change it, and where does it go wrong? My operator only requires me to call voicemail and use the dialer to navigate the menu, which works on any phone.

If you cannot press any keys during a phonecall because the screen is black, you may need to calibrate the proximity sensor.


Instructions are to call the own phone number to get to the settings of voicemail. Then you have to put in 3 times a wrong pin code (because I have forgotten the real one). When doing this, you should get a sms from the phone company, with a new pin code. But I never get a sms.

If this is swisscom, their website (scroll down to the PIN section) suggests either logging in to the customer center online, or:

If you need the PIN for your mobile phone COMBOX®, send an SMS stating “COMBOX” to 444. An SMS with a new PIN will then be sent to you immediately, which you may change again if necessary. This service is free in Switzerland.

Unless you’re having issues receiving text messages in general, this sounds more like an issue at the carrier’s end.

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It is salt, not swisscom

So just to get this clear, can you:

  • Receive text messages
  • Navigate the voice mail box menu (i.e. pressing 3 and then 1 gets you instruction to change the PIN)

(Because those are really the only things that can go wrong on the device side, all the other stuff is carrier-side).

I can do all that. The only thing that goes wrong is, that I do not get a text message from my phone company with a new pin code

Are you sure your phone company sends SMS to you when you’re abroad? Maybe they don’t want to pay the roaming fees…
I vaguely remember that some years ago, I could’t receive a confirmation TAN from my Spanish provider when I was in Germany.

Problem is the PIN, not the country (yet) :wink: .
I truncated the topic title to make it more clear.

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