Changing Fingerprint sensor fairphone 4

Hello everyone

My Fairphone 4 fell on the ground and a small stone broke the fingerprint reader. I can’t turn on the phone anymore :frowning:
I thought I could change this part myself but I can’t find it on the site.
I feel like I need to change the whole frame of the phone.
can someone tell me what to do?


Welcome to the community forum :slight_smile:

Hard luck!

I think your only option is to contact official support: see contactsupport

The only alternative that I can see would be to pick up a broken phone cheap for spare parts.

Maybe there’s a fairphoneangel near you who could help. See the map.

Good luck!


Unfortunately @OldRoutard is right. :frowning: As the fingerprint sensor is in the power button, it’s part of the expensive core module, see

You might want to specify though if you cannot even press the button anymore so the display stays dark, or if you “just” cannot use it to authorize yourself anymore. If it’s the latter, at least a factory reset might be possible, although I am not sure if that’s possible:


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