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Hi All, I’ve been using the email client that came with my FP2 for over 2 years now, but suddenly, I can’t send emails any more: I can receive them but when I try to reply to any, they just sit in the outbox. Having tried to resolve this problem in another thread, I’d now like to change to using a different email client & have tried to get Fari Email up & running on my phone. It seemed to install fine from the playstore, but can’t find any of my messages except some very old ones (from 2015!). Is this because I’m still running the old email client & you can’t have 2 clients getting messages?

If this is so, do I need to delete my account from my phone & set it up again in FairEmail?
Thankyou :slight_smile:

  • How did you do the setup in FairEmail? Through the quick setup wizard?
  • Stupid questions perhaps, but did you try swiping from the top to download all messages? Are you sure you are in the right inbox?
  • Did you change anything in the settings?

Shouldn’t be a problem.


Maybe your old mail client configuration was in a way that the client downloaded the mails and deleted them on the server then… To check that I’d recommend you log in into with your account and check if all mails you expect FairMail to download are still there…


Thanks for this idea, Volker. The email account I’m using isn’t an outlook one (I do have an outlook one as well but it’s another email account I’m having problems with & want to use on FairEmail). It’s called & is linked to one of my websites - I think it’s a sort of google account but I can’t now find any way to look at my emails online. That said, my emails are downloading fine on to my computer even though they’re also downloading to Email on my FP, so I don’t think EMail can be deleting them when it downloads them.

That said, your idea made me try to see the emails online & the ones I found are the very old ones that have downloaded onto FairEmail… I’m now checking the account settings as I realise I said it was a Gmail account: now I’m putting in custom for the account provider & see what that does… Will reprt back :slight_smile:


Hi Andrea,

Just an idea: did you set up your accounts in the previous app as POP3? In this case, your mails would have been downloaded to your phone and deleted on the server after that.

With IMAP4, the mails remain on the server until you explicitly delete them. Therefore, you can access them with as many clients as you want to, because each only gets a local view to what in fact resides on the server side.

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Ah, that’s helpful to know, thanks Alex :slight_smile:

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I think it’s IMAP but wIll check that out, thanks Thomas.

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