Changes with Android 11

Hi! I just updated my phone to Android 11, and I noticed a few changes with it.

First if all, for some reason the font size is messed up and everything is smaller. I guess that’s because it’s optimized for larger screens? But obviously my screen didn’t get any bigger with the update, and now I have to choose between having everything in a smaller font, or having some apps in a bigger font than before. This is really annoying and a weird thing to change.

Also the tiles (or whatever you call these things above the notifications) now only drop down two rows instead of three, which means that I have to swipe more to get to the ones I’m looking for.

The navigation is also different. If you go to the switch apps screen, the buttons for the apps saved in the lowest row are now missing for some reason, I used these a lot. The layout of the three button navigation also changed, the buttons moved a bit away from the center. The symbols also have new models.
The forum doesn’t let me upload images for some reason, so here is a comparison:
The old one:

And the new one:

It has also become slimmer, as you can see by the thicker line above it. That’s all not bad per se, but I noticed that the ring in the circle in the middle is not fully even, and now I can’t unsee it, and it’s just a small thing, but it’s really bothering me.

Is there a way to change any of those things?

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