Changed "Home" screen and unwanted notification

For about the last 10 days, possibly since an update, my FP2 goes to the last contact and most contacted in contacts, rather than the list of active and most used apps, and this is annoying me greatly, as I actually use the calendar and the camera much more than the contacts! Any (easy to follow) suggestions would be much appreciated.

Even more annoying, over the last few days I have been getting a suggestion of something I might (but don’t) want to see in Youtube when I switch the screen on, and the only way to get rid of it is to open it and then close it.

I suppose the number of screens has changed on your phone (probably by an added screen because you installed more apps). So the “home screen” has changed. For changing it see here: How to set default home screen

Did you install a custom launcher with YouTube integration? If not, is it a notification or a pop-up?

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Thank you for this – it has helped me to understand that what I have lost is the screen that was in the middle. However, I have no idea how to get it back, or how to get into the ‘rearrange screens’ mode mentioned in the post.

I am not aware that I have installed more apps – I never install any! - and I only allow the ones to update that I actually use!


I don’t think I have installed any sort of a launcher - I never use youtube on my phone. (I am not the most tech-minded user of the fairphone I’m afraid!) I am not even sure of the difference between a notification and a pop-up - but it appears as a band across the screen just like the invitations to update do.
Thanks, Helen

Long press a free space on your screen. After about 3s you should see your screens a little bit smaller with get background at the your post of your screen. You can drag and drop one of the screens to rearrange. Hope this helps.

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It’s a notification then. You can long press that band to see which application creates that notification. If you press the appearing “i” then you even should get a menu where you can disable notifications of that app.

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Thank you - I didn’t know that. I have just tried, but there are only two screens there - the phone one and one with only one icon (which was always my third one) The one that was my main one is still missing!

Thank you - I will try this next time it happens.

“Long press a free space on your screen”

  • now you have taught me this, I have explored a little, and added some icons to the second screen, and made it the main one - thank you very much!
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OK, I see. What you’ve described is a “widget”. Press an empty space (as explained above) and select “widgets”. Then search the launcher (don’t know the exact name) widget and move that with drag and drop on that nearly empty screen.
As an alternative (or addition) put the calendar widget on one of your screens (as you wrote you use that a lot). Your camera you can start with the camera button (on the right side of your phone) or from lock screen when moving finger to center starting at bottom righ…

Trouble is, I got carried away and put several individual ones on there, and it is now telling me there is not enough space for this one - which would be much better! Is there a way of taking them off again?

Just move one icon to the most right edge of your right screen. This will add a screen with a lot of space.
If you want to remove icons just long press them and move them to the appearing paste bin at the top of the screen.

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I have learned a huge amount from you this evening - thank you. One last thing though - when I try to bring the launcher widget across to the new screen I have made, it always says there is not enough room, when there is just one other on there. Is there anything else I can do?

Some widgets need a whole screen. Move it to the right until a new screen is created and drop it there. If you long tap the widget you can see it’s boarders - then you’ll know if there is space left for other objects to be moved on the same screen.

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Brilliant - done - thank you.

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