Change user -> Reboot and asks to reset to default settings


I have a problem with my Fairphone 3. I guess I have this problem since the recent update from last weekend:

Android offers the possibility to create multiple user accounts on one device. It’s quite similar to a computer. I use this feature to seperate my private stuff from my work stuff on the same device.
It worked fine until to the recent weekend.
Everytime when I want to switch from my private account (admin) to my work account the phone reboots and asks me if I want to reset my device to default settings. My work account is more or less unaccessible.

Does anybody have a similar problem?

I would be very grateful if one could help.



Welcome to our community forum. :slight_smile:

Have you had a look at the below already?

It sounds like it’s the same problem. If possible, please continue there.


Thank you urs_lesse for your help.
The existing thread fits to my problem. I will continue there!