Change password in mail app

I’m running the latest version of Fairphone open on Fairphone 2.
It comes with a standard email app.
For some reason I had the change my email password. Now the app keeps telling me it couldn’t sign in.
Yet in the app I found no way:

  • to change the password
  • to delete the account and add it anew.

If I click on the couldn’t sign in notification, nothings happens or I get: ‘Email keeps stopping - App info - Close app’.

Does anybody has any ideas?

More generally:
Under settings > general > (three dots) there is a ‘Help & Feedback’ item. But nothing happens.
Under settings > (three dots) there is a ‘Send feedback’ item. But nothing happens.
I cannot delete this app.
Is there a specific website / webpage dedicated to this app?


Try this
Settings app → accounts → delete the account

I get the message. “Removing this account will delete all of its messages, contacts and other data from this phone”.
I am hesitating. To what extent will it remove things. Will it be limited to the email app or will all my contacts in the contacts app be removed? “Other data” seems also pretty vague.

AvidAlbatross, it did make me think about another way of phrasing my search in Google.
The solution is: go to the mail app > Settings > Select account > Incoming settings (down below). There you can change the password.

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Just for completeness. You also have to change the ‘Outgoing settings’. On my screen (with outlook account) ‘Require sign-in’ is checked but (probably because my keyboard takes up half of the screen) that is all that is visible and I thought that is all there is (it seems reasonable that this setting would take the password from the incoming settings). Put after some frustration I figured out that you can swipe the dialog box up and fields for password etc are revealed.

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