Change notification sound

I know : stupid question but ****** telephone!
I succeeded to change my phone ring… Impossible to change it for notification. I have a mp3 and it doesn’t work, the sound comes back to pixie dust.
It seems really crazy… Never a such issue on a phone…

Never had such a problem on my FP3 with A10, A11 or A13

Settings > Sound . . . > Default Notification Sound

  • + Add File ###.mp3
  • Select Added file from list
  • Click OK

Some mp3 files are a bit weird, try another

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Fp4, a12…
Never seen this before!!!

Just to ask, is this MP3 variable bitrate or fixed bitrate?

I use a 2s MP3 at 112bps. I’ve got it saved in the Notifications folder of the file system. It is available to choose on the notification sounds list in Sound settings.

Don’t know the quality of the MP3 but I should be poor, it’s a ring phone :slight_smile:

Try copying that file into the Notifications folder of your phone as well as Ringtones. Hopefully it’s that simple.

Upload the file here, rename the extension [jpg] maybe and I can download and install it on my phone to check it’s OK :slight_smile:

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