Change loudspeaker volume

How do I change call loud speaker volume on fairphone 3

Pressing the volume up or volume down buttons (marked in red in the image below) during a call adjusts the earpiece speaker volume (the loudspeaker next to the selfie camera; I assume you mean it).

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Thanks :metal: that doesn’t change the volume in speaker mode. At least not on my Faurphone3.

I don’t know what you mean by “speaker mode”. In any case, if I press those buttons DURING a call on my FP3 (which has Android 13 and the latest software update installed), the volume of the speaker that is playing at that moment (either the small call speaker next to the selfie camera, or the main speaker on the lower bottom side of the phone) adjusts its volume by the steps I tell it to.

Have you tried trying to turn the volume up AND down? It doesn’t work at all? Maybe you want to turn the volume down below the minimum allowed, or turn it up above the maximum?


Answer a call
Switch to speaker mode
Attempt to adjust the volume
It doesnt work

Speaker mode is EXTREMELY loud. Iwant to tune it down

What version of android are you running? Usually pressing the volume buttons during the call should work.

Have you tried reducing call, media and notification volume in the sound settings prior to a call? Do none of those three affect the speaker volume? What happens if you connect an external speaker (or headphones)?

You could also try hitting the home button during a call, navigate to the sound settings, and attempt to change something there.

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