Change icon shape and accent colour (Android 10)

Hi all, since the update to Android 10, the option to change the icon shape has disappeared from the home screen settings. It also doesn’t appear inside the developer options. The option to change the accent colour, which should normally be at the bottom of the developer options list, is missing as well. Basically none of the places described here offer a way to change the icon shape. Anyone know where it is? I have already searched for “icon” in the settings, went through all developer options manually, cleared the data of the Settings app, and restarted the device, nothing helped.

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On my FP2 under LOS 17.1 (Android 10 as well) I have it under Settings→Display→Styles and Wallpapers. I don’t know if you have the same, it may be LOS specific.

Haven’t found anything in Android Settings (FP3 with stock OS here, Android 10).

You may want to look at another launcher, my Lawnchair can change the icon shape at least, haven’t looked for accent colour though, but there’s tons of settings, maybe give it a try.

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I have been unable to locate it within of my Android 11 Fairphone 4 either. Solely exists. However, /e/OS includes this, although in a neutered state

I suppose that we must await Android 12’s colourative configuration-overhaul.