Change from FP1 to FP3 - some more problems

Regarding your last question, my perception would be:

She does not just miss some FP1 features. She is missing something, she understood to be the concept of FP.

And, tbh, your reply was putting down.
Not the one phrase you cited again of course, but in total …

Here’s two citations, that - at least to me - are a way of putting down the opinion of @Ruth_FP1

One might of course differ in opinion.
But you can say: “Sorry, but I have another opinion, because …
Or you can say: “Come on … So what … Get used to it …
To me, and that’s just my opinion of course, this is something completety different.


Well put. I should have been more respectful to a person who has been using an FP1 for many years.

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thank you for posting this!

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Just to mention …

QKSMS was updated and the changes for version 3.8.1 include “Fixed - MMS not sending”.


@AnotherElk Super, thankyou!
Somehow I can’t get the sound notification going. I chose my sound in the preferences of the phone (for notifications), but in QKSMS notifications (with a bell as symbol) it says “Default QKSMS” and “show notifications” (no mention of sound) but below it says “Android prevents showing of notifications from this category according to your settings”. I don’t want a popup with the message, just the little symbol in the top line of phone, and of course the sound.
Any ideas anyone? (and this is maybe the wrong topic for a question like this, sorry)

edit. 4 pm: so I definitely get neither the little icon in the top line of FP nor a notification sound. I have to randomly check the GKSMS app to see if there is a message. Strange. I didn’t change any overall settings when I switched from the native sms app to GKSMS. (but I am sure there is a solution). Thanks again!

Hi @Ruth_FP1,

has anyone answered this question - I have the same issue and have had to keep both SIMs activated in the meantime, something I didn’t want to do with my “work” number…

(I had also got very used to my FP1 :slight_smile:)

Many thanks in advance,

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the problem with the use of the two sim cards still exists. It’s especially bad when both are activated and I want to call someone, there is no way I can choose the card (other than go back to basic preferences, or simply deactivate the one I am not using). When I call someone I don’t see the chosen caller (like it was with the FP1) and neither when I receive a call. Very annoying.

Of course I have got used to the (still too big) FP3.
But just wanted to say that I am really missing the automatic switch off at night and switch on in the morning function!
Now I leave it on most nights on flight mode because I can’t be bothered with the switching off stuff or forget it. The automatic thing was good, and probably also for the phone?
And (another thought): in case your phone gets lost or stolen, with it being on all the time, they just have to wait for someone to call you, don’t they? and then it’s on? In the old way it would turn off completely at 1 a.m.
but even without the stealing argument, I really miss that.
And the peace-of-mind-button was nicer - and much more prominent - than just using the flight mode.

I don’t get what you mean. Even if someone calls you, the phone is locked, so they can’t access to it.

Switching off and then back on uses as much battery as putting it on flight mode (or perhaps even more). Nowadays, flight mode is nearly equivalent to being off. Why would it be better for the phone to be off?

There’s an app on F-Droid with tha very feature: Peace of mind+ (but you have to be rooted, sorry)

I don‘t see any need to have electronical devices on 24/7. Also, it does help occasionally to actually switch a phone / laptop etc. completely off for a while. Never heard the advice “Have you tried changing to flight mode and back?“ so far.

Thanks for the tip, just installed it. It‘s a bit different though, it give the “silent” icon, but I can still use the phone, so it’s not really off. (sorry, no idea what “you have to be rooted“ means?)

I certainly agree, but once a week or every two weeks is already good.

Now you have :slight_smile: Personally I leave my phone on flight mode for the night, it does the job.
I’m afraid switching off smartphones isn’t that common anymore, flight mode is advised instead.

Yes, it only works for Do Not Disturb and Flight mode, sorry for not precising.

See here for an explanation:

Or you can also check the #dic:root dictionary entry on the forum.

But if you don’t even know what it is, it’s probably better if you don’t do it, it can imply some risks of breaking things and apps malfunctioning, it’s rather for experienced users.

That sounds a bit presumptious (looked this word up in English dictionary)
Just because I don’t understand the English expr. does not mean I don’t know what it is or don’t work on my devices as superuser. To assume that I am inexperienced seems hasty and possibly arrogant.

not a problem, just an observation:
I can use my old FP1 even without SIM card, acdess wifi and use the apps etc. (and the FM radio!!!)
But on FP3 I have to activate at least one SIM card.

Perhaps activating a SIM card wasn’t required back on Android 4.

No, I don’t think so, I have used a FP2 under LOS 17.1, /e/, FPOS and FPOOS without SIM card. I believe it should be the same with the FP3, to my knowledge any smartphone can work without a SIM card in it.


I can confirm, that it’s not a question of the android version: I run a android 10 system without any SIM and it makes no problem to access to wifi, gps and bt.
EDIT: I must confess: it’s not a FP3 device… :wink:


Now that you say it, I remember I tested the Fairphone 3 for a while without a SIM card, too, when I got it.

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However, apparently it was not possible to run the FP3 with deactivated inserted SIM cards (tried this a couple of times). So maybe it’s possible if you remove them completely.


I really love the simple “save and restore” widget on FP1! with that I can backup on the sd card and then transfer that to the computer. and I do a backup of the photos / videos via commander.

So far haven’t found anything similar for the FP3 (that does not need google etc.)

google-free FP3 with Lineage, computer with Linux.
any suggestions? thank you very much!

(PS still missing FM radio for FP3! I would love to have my phone off during morning walks with the dog, but still listen to the radio. Now I have to do that online, and get notifications from mails and messenger etc.)

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