Change Fairphone Support account name

As explained in the title, I need to change (and I don’t know how) the Fairphone Support Account username. It is funny that Fairphone required 3 account for 3 activity: (1) main website, (2) support (to be used also in My Fairphone app), (3) Fairphone Forum. In Fairphone Support Account mainpage seems not to be any way to do that. Thank you all :slight_smile:

I hope you’ve contacted support/-\fairphone d.o.t com for help as it’s their domain/business.

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Well, the three different accounts might be due to data privacy reasons.

First of all, the forum is a completely different piece of cake, as it is a community forum, and not exactly linked to the company. Fairphone just provides the webspace and technical support. Otherwise - especially moderation - it is independent.
Since not everyone buying a Fairphone wants to participate in this forum, it wouldn’t be reasonable make buyers forum members as well. Especially since there is no kind of data-exchange between the company and the forum regarding user data.

When it comes to the support account, it might be kind of the same reasoning, although I am just wild guessing here.
Not everyone buying a Fairphone is needing support.
And not everyone needing support bought the phone online from Fairphone, thus having an account with them.
Therefore support and sales as different departments don’t have the same list of customers, though they will overlap for the larger part.
Since there are different “Terms and Conditions” for sales and warranty, different accounts are a kind of logical solution. When in need of support, one doesn’t have to agree to the sales-conditions.

So maybe, that explains the different accounts, though it should be possible to use the same account name for all three accounts?

But, as @amoun already pointed out, you will have to #contactsupport to get this change done.


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