Change Display Grid/App Grid possible?

is it possible to change the screen/app grid on the FP4 rel.A175 so that more apps can be placed on the screen?
Currently only a grid of 4x5 is possible. On my old phone (Nokia 8.1 also Android 11 final update Dec.21) the default was 5x5. I’ve found various solutions on the web but they don’t work :disappointed_relieved:

Have you already tried a different launcher like Nova Launcher or Lawnchair?

No, I haven’t used a launcher yet.
As I said, on the old phone (Nokia 8.1) with A11 onstock, the 5x5 grid was standard and I was therefore surprised that the standard on the Fairphone is 5x4.
I know that there are more setting options/features with alternative launchers, but I have been satisfied with the options available so far and would actually like to avoid using an alternative launcher.
One reason why I previously bought a Nokia and now a Fairphone is that I want the Android to be as original as possible.

I think all makes of phones modify and custom the AOSP to some degree and swapping the launcher isn’t really moving away from the ‘original’ . Using Nova Launcher it’s just a user interface makeover, like many apps.

Many people with the FP3 and FP4 find the Nikita or Open camera app a better user experience and improved output ~ it’s still 100% Android

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To my knowledge it is not possible to change the array of icons to your satisfaction with the Android release of Fairphone.
You need to know that every manufacturer of devices needs to adjust Android in several points to match the device, the resolution to match the display for example.
That does not mean it is not stock android. A normal PC needs to set up for the optimal dispay resolution also.


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