Change Default Dialer

Hi all,
I would like to change the default dialer on my FP2. According to other forums and instructions I read this should be possible on Andriod but I have not figured out how to do it on my phone (v.1.11.1).

Changing the dialer is a work-around for a more fundamental problem. The screen is becoming crazy (even after a factory reset) and the screen does not register the swipe right touch when there is an incoming call on the default dialer.

Thanks for any tips/help.


You can download any Phone App and use it instead of the default one, but I guess that won’t fix anything.
Better take off your screen and try carefully cleaning the connectors. Then make sure everything aligns well when you put the screen back on. If that doesn’t help go to Settings > Maintenance and test the screen for “blind sports”. Make a screenshot of the test and send it to support to get a replacement screen.

Thanks Paul, I have downloaded other phone apps but I can’t change the default dialer which makes the exercise a bit pointless. As when I get a phone call the default/built-in dialer always pops up and I am not able to pick up the call :cry:

I have cleaned the points for the screen without effect.

In the maintenance tool the blind spots are not as persistent as they are in the dialer. That is, I have to run the maintenance tool several times until I pick up the blind spot even once (see screenshots of swiping right). Conversely in the dialer, it almost always picks up the blind spot (>95%).

Replacing the screen is a last resort for me. I already have a new microphone and a new case. If I continue at this rate the actual lifetime of the phone will be very short.


you should go to Settings --> Apps --> All --> Phone and press “Clear Default”. This will clear the link to the default FP dialer. If you install a dialer with a contacts-App as well, you will have to clear the defaults there as well. Then if you take a call, it should ask, with which program the call should be answered.

Hi Friek,
Unfortunately “clear defaults” is greyed out and can’t be accessed. There are quite a few apps in the app list that look like the dialer (“Dialler”, “Phone”, “Phone” and “Phone/Messaging Storage”) and clear defaults can’t be accessed on any of them.


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