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Hi everybody,

how can I change the permissions of certain apps?
I mean, through “Settings” I get to “Apps” and there I can see the permissions of each app. But I can’t change nothing there.

Same for the “Privacy Impact” feature: It just shows you the permissions, you can’t change nothing there.
I’ve heard about XPrivacy that helps improve your privacy and control the permissions you grant each app. But I would have to root my Fairphone first.

Isn’t there an easier solution to change permissions for apps? For iPhones this works pretty easy as I’ve seen with friends…

Looking forward to your suggestions!
Cheers, Anna

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It’s not there, since it’s not included in Android 5.1.
You’ll have to wait for an update to Android 6/7 (which might take some months) or install XPrivacy.

Or, somewhat easier than installing xprivacy is using App Ops from the play store. Probably not so comfortable, but works great. Still, you have to root your phone

Thanks for your answers!
So there are two options: Waiting some months for the update to Android 6/7 or rooting the phone?
As I’m no real pro in tech things, I think I’ll prefer waiting for the next update that might fix the issue…^^

The third and easiest solution would be to wait for FPOSOS and simply enable root in the settings. You won’t have to wait as long as for an Android update.

PS: You won’t have to wait at all! You can test FPOSOS right now:

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