Challenges in Introducing FairPhone to Fans of Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo in Taiwan

I find it easy to introduce FairPhone to iPhone fans in Taiwan because it’s easy to make comparisons. :star2:

However, when it comes to Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo, I’m not sure how to approach the introduction. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Do they have noticeable weaknesses? :interrobang:

This is the information I previously presented to iPhone fans. :arrow_down:

Introducing FairPhone to iPhone fans won’t be too difficult. :arrow_down:

Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

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For Android users I would mention the length of the support and OS updates.
Plus I would strongly recommend using a case as the ridge of the phone is not replaceable, ASFAIK.


I don’t follow the market as whole that much – if repairability plays any role for the fans you mention, this is always a big plus for Fairphone. The screen (“spider app”) is probably the most immediately relevant part to bring up in that context. So I don’t see why you could not bring up that point with regard to Samsung, Vivo and Oppo as well.


Don’t know if this is relevant for your planned audience. Still you might mention the social impact like described e.g. here:

These are the main reasons that Fairphone had been founded…


Thanks for the advice. :pray::pray::pray:

Some phone cases may make the phone bulkier and alter the touch experience. :weary:
I prefer the feel of a naked phone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Anyway, I’ll be careful not to drop my phone on the ground. :thinking:

Thanks for the advice. :pray::pray::pray:

Good idea, I will emphasize the repairability again. :+1:

Repairability is crucial because people can’t go a day without using their phones. :heart:

Taiwanese people are unfamiliar with this product; they perceive it as too idealistic and impractical.
In response, I mentioned that the European Union supports FairPhone, and it already exists in the world. :smile_cat:

Thanks for the advice. :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you, this article is great. :+1::+1::+1:
I will share this article with Oppo fans. :heartbeat:

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You might want to check first (if you don’t know yet) how Fairphone spare parts provision is dealt with in your country. From far away here, I simply do not know if Taiwan Fairphone users can directly buy spare parts domestically from the Taiwanese company (companies?) that sell Fairphones over there or if they only have spare parts for warranty cases. Fairphone’s online shop does not provide for customer accounts in non-European countries, so there needs to be a different way in Taiwan. If you cannot figure it out, you might want to find out through Fairphone Support.

P.S.: If you find out, let us know. I am sure I’m not the only who’s curious about this. :wink:


We can buy FairPhone parts at the Palcom Eshop in Taiwan. :arrow_down: