Certain services not working on laptop whili connected to hotspot

I’m using my Fairphone 3+ with stock Android as a hotspot. Connection is very good and all works well. Except for three services. Maybe more, but so far I know of these. It’s Telegram, Signal and Discord. I’m talking about the desktop apps on my laptop. If I use my VPN and route all traffic through it (on my laptop) everything works. Why is that, or at least how could I debug this? As far as I see, my hotspot as configured, so connected devices can do anything. Fairphone uses Android 10 and the laptops I’ve testes Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.

Hi marduk and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this a recent problem? If so, when do you last remember these applications working through the hotspot?

I note these are all messaging apps. They may be sharing a common problem.
I’ve just done a test through a hotspot on my FP3, running stock Android 10 latest version 3.A.0134. Signal on Windows 10 is OK connected through the hotspot, messages received and transmitted.

It may be necessary to dig in to the APN details. I suggest searching the forums of the three applications, plus your network operator’s forum, and begin by checking that your APN details precisely conform to the operator’s specifications.

Hi :slight_smile:

I made screenshots of my APN config. It’s Telekom Germany.

Thanks marduk.

See if you can find the Telekom APN details on their website.

Do you see any reports of problems on the Signal, Telegram or Discord forums relating to hotspot use?

I’ve tried the settings seen on the Telekom website and did a reset of the APN settings. Now Telegram, Spotify, and Discord work but Signal still does not. Could there be some routing issues? Still, when using my VPN and pushing all traffic through it, everything works fine.

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If so, maybe they’re specific to Telekom. I don’t have any problem with Signal on a PC connected through the hotspot provided by my FP3.

Glad to hear you got the other services working though!

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