Certain apps do not work on Fairphone 2

I have reinstalled OpenGAPPS after the update and all is working except some apps can’t be installed (it simplay says error when installing) or once they are installed the app doesn’t function properly and always crashes. It’s strange because the facebook messenger app is affected but whatsapp is not (and works fine). Any ideas as to what’s gone wrong?

Which apps are causing these issues (which ones can’t be installed and which ones don’t work properly)?
The official facebook app (and I think the messenger too) are known to cause issues. Alternatives from F-Droid reportedly work well.

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You did install the first opengapps installation immediately after flashing the os, or did you reboot in between?

Immediatly after. Facebook, messenger and instagram do not work. These apps all used to work before the update

What does “do not work” mean exactly?

Either they won’t dowload (ie when I try and download and install them it simply says error cannot install) or when I try and open them they immediatly crash and I get messages saying this device doesn’t support this application.

Since the update certain apps that worked perfectly before are now incompatible and crash when opened or are unable to be installed. I’m running fairphone open OS with openGAPPS. All the apps that crash are from the play store, should I switch back to the normal fairphone OS to fix the problem or is that unlikely to change anything. I was also wondering whether installing a higher version of openGAPPS would help (I think I have the pico version installed at the moment). Any help greatly appreciated, the phone is barely usable at the moment!

I moved the post here because it seems it’s about the same problem.

The problems might be related to this ongoing problem with Fairphone’s Android 7 implementation: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/56

If that is the case, the only immediate fix would be a downgrade to Android 6, not a switch to Fairphone OS (including Google).

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