Centering the Enjoy Some Peace widget

I’ve accidentally deleted the Enjoy some peace widget from my home screen. Now, when I move it there it slides into the app grid and can’t be centered in the middle of the screen as it was before. Is there any way for me to center it in the middle of the screen again? If so, can anyone tell me how?

Thank you.

Could you post a screenshot (press volume-down + power button simultanously), please? to me it’s hard to imagine what you mean.

You can resize horizontally the widget by moving the handles (point shaped) when placing the widget on the screen; to achieve this place the widget on the screen and when the white border appears press and hold your finger on the point shaped handle (left or right one depending on where your widget is positioned) and rearrange the width of the border to resize the widget to full screen width.
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That makes perfect sense. The only trouble now is that no handles appear… I’m not sure why. No matter how long I press down nothing appears, the widget just hovers a bit and allows me to move it around. Is there any way to fix this?

Try to remove and add it again; if no handles appear, please post a screenshot as @Stefan suggested, because it’s very strange handles do not appear.

Sorry, I figured it out. This was all my mistake. I was fiddling around with the app, not the widget!

Thank you so much for your patience and your help. I’ll learn how to post screenshots, as it would obviously have solved it immediately.

Thanks again - I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome :smile:
Happy to be useful.
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